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July 16, 2021

Interview with Poppy Starr Olsen

Poppy skating

Hi Poppy, Thanks for helping with our article, we wish you all the best for Tokyo. When did you first start skateboarding? What is one of the earliest memories skateboarding?

I first stepped on a skateboard when I was 8. My neighbour was walking with my family at the time and he let me have a go of his board. It was a long time ago but I remember as soon as I got on I was hooked pretty much and having so much fun. He saw how much I loved it so he ended up giving me his board and that was the start of it all!

One of our team members Bailey runs a skateboarding school and classes for girls wanting to learn to skate in a supportive environment. Have their been challenges you have faced being a female skater? What would your advice be to girls starting out skating?

I think there are challenges any female identifying person faces in any sport, and skateboarding is very male orientated so it's definitely hard. You feel kind of alone sometimes, because it's very male dominated. You know most of the time that's just to have the same thing which is to have fun, and skate 'cos they love it, so there is ups and there are downs. I guess the downs are just kinda growing up, especially for me, growing up being the only local girl at the skate park for the first couple of years, it was rough. Like you get used to it but it is like definitely, want other girls to be there. But it is scary and intimidating for a lot of people to get into it because you just don't see anyone around like you I guess. My advice would be to think about all the other people that started in that same position and that you can do what ever you set your mind to, and sure we are going to have hurdles along the way but that's what makes us stronger.

Congratulations on both being selected for the Olympics, and your new film ‘Tall Poppy’. Tell us about how you found out about being selected for the Olympics. How have you been training and preparing for Tokyo?

Thank you! It's been super exciting. At the moment I am in Encinitas California staying with my good friend Bryce Wettstein, and her family. Bryce is on the us Olympic team so we have been training together. That means we head to different skateparks most days and practice tricks and put lines together. We also train at the CA TF - it’s a purpose built training facility not far from us. Last week I took a huge slam! I’m going to the the gym as well! - trying to get buff... ha :)
I am also competing this Friday (16th July) at the X games to get competition ready.
Who has inspired you? Is there any role models or skateboarders that you admire?
I am inspired by new people every single day. I grew up watching Cara-BethBurnside and Mimi Knoop. And I've always got new skateboarding role models, Fabiana Delfino is one of my favourite skateboarders, Nora Vasconcellos,Nicole Hause, Elissa Steamer, fricken so many, Alexis Sablone is one of my absolute favourites in skateboarding and animation.
Be sure to watch Poppy compete in the Olympics and check out her new film Tall Poppy available on Apple TV.
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