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November 06, 2013



Empire Skate is proud to introduce the James McInnes x Maniac Division pro model board available online HERE.

About the above video:

"Filmed whilst waiting for the world to end in 2012, this marks my 20th year of skateboarding. Straight from 1992-2012 I've never stopped, never been off for longer than a month or two at a time due to various injuries. Looking at this now I probably should've been doing something else..... Thanks to Max, Fabio, Beanie, Harrus, Diego & Kirrel for filming, Ace & Bek of CORTINA for their song 'Entity', Trent & Matt at EMPIRE & VALLET, Ash & Jakes at KILL THE FIVE THIEVES, Craig Harris, Dave North, David Read, David Stefanoff, Crabmin, Ti Coleing, Guy Miller, Darren & Hagan at Monster Skatepark, Luke Blackman & everyone in the MANIAC DIVISION, my friends and family."



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