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March 09, 2020

How To Choose Your First Skateboard Wheels

Choosing the right skateboard wheels is important as the speed, grip, and responsiveness depend on it. The information here will help you confidently pick out your skateboard wheels.

What skateboard wheel sizes and colors are available?

Generally, wheels are available in various sizes and colors and vary in quality.

What material is used to make skateboard wheels?

Polyurethane is the material commonly used in making skateboard wheels. As it’s heat-resistant and economical.

Should I get bigger or smaller skateboard wheels?

For measurement, both diameter and durometer are taken into account to check the size and hardness of the wheels. For high speed, bigger wheels are best as small wheels make your ride slower. Perhaps for skating on the streets, smaller wheels are ideal. But for those who want to use skateboards daily for transportation, bigger wheels are better as they are faster as well as easier to control and balance.

Does the shape of my skateboard wheels matter?

Skateboard wheels are not only distinguished by its size but its shape and cut also play a significant role. Beginners may want to go for cruiser wheels as they are good for balance and control. As opposed to narrow lip wheels, that are very responsive and good for pulling tricks and stunts with less friction.

What is the benefit of having either soft or hard skateboard wheels?

Similarly, durometer, which determines the hardness of the wheels is also a useful way to measure the speed. Harder the wheels, faster the ride. Although, softer wheels are slower but have better grip.

I'm having problems deciding on skateboard wheels, do you have any tips for that?

Deciding which skateboard wheels are right for you can be a daunting task. As you don’t want to end up with something that ruins your first experience. Therefore, picking the right wheels is crucial and you should take all factors into consideration. Typically, it mainly depends on your style and where you want to skate.

How do I know which skateboard wheels to get?

  • For skateboarding on the streets, wheels with a smaller diameter between 49mm - 53mm would be ideal for you.
  • For skateboarding on the ramps, anywhere between 54mm to 58mm works best.
  • And for vert skateboarding and cruising larger diameter, that is, above 58mm is recommended.

Does my weight as a person matter?

Your weight and height need to be taken into account in picking the right size of wheels. And if you are still not sure which set of wheels are the right ones for you then choosing standard wide lip is the safest bet as they consist of elements of both, cruiser and narrow lip wheels.

What is the standard specification for skateboard wheels?

Overall, the most popular skateboard wheels are of the following specifications:

  • Durometer 99a
  • Diameter 52mm to 56mm

Wheels with these measurements are super-efficient on smooth surfaces. Also, these are great for pulling tricks in parks and ramps. And since 99a is the hardest durometer it gives you amazing speed when combined with the right diameter.

Do you have any tips for skateboarding beginners? 

Beginners must go with options that offer more grip and stability. And most importantly, you should go with the one that offers a little bit of everything to help you explore your interests.

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